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La Cocina De Chef Lito

Lito Saldaña the founder / creator of Los Moles restaurants in  Emeryville, San Rafael and El Cerrito, CA has been known for many years as a chef walking the unbeaten path. Now he brings us 5 Tacos & Beers in Albany, CA.

His cuisine has focused in bringing the distinct flavors from traditional Mexican pueblos and showcasing them with a modern twist. However his strong roots and values have kept him concentrated on using family recipes and keeping food simple but enjoyable. Mama Luisa, Don Pedro and Mama Elena, three predominant names in the menu and in Chef Lito’s life. His parents, Pedro and Luisa, have been the inspiration for his career and his greatest culinary instructors since day one. Coma sano, será feliz. In the traditional pueblos of Mexico, our mothers and grandmothers prepare enough food, with plenty of tortillas, for family as well as neighbors. Everything is shared, and everyone eats well.

In stories and dichos, and by giving the children a role in which to help, our mothers and grand-mothers pass down their recipes from generation to generation.