El Cerrito, New Mexican Restaurant Beer Garden/Taco Buffet/ 8 Mole Buffet is here!

Wow! We cant believe it has already been over 2 months since opening! This article is dedicated to El Cerrito and the beautiful folks that inhabit this city. We are so blessed to have received such a warm welcoming here and we are full of gratitude for you all accepting us into your city!

Restaurants are tough and managaing a beer garden , buffet and keeping our food as authentic is possible is even tougher! We have been growing and improving tremendously over these past few months.

More importantly we have been listening to YOU, the customers, as you ultimately mold us, refine us, and make us operate better! The feedback both postive and negative has been very infomative and we certainly appreciate everyone taking the time to give their 2 cents as it is valuable to us. We will strive to continue rising our level of service and attentiveness to our guests. It is our passion to bring the rustic art of Jalisco dining to El Cerrito.

We invite you all to come give us a try for your first time or come visit us again throughout these upcoming holiday months! You will be happy to see our new additions and our ever evolving menu and beer options!

Our staff are in full swing and our kitchen is literally on FIRE! We welcome you all in El Cerrito and nearby areas to come see why our sister restaurants were rated #1 Mexican Food and Tacos from YELP Bay Area. We are on the verge of accomplishing this goal here in El Cerrito and we couldnt be prouder then to celebrate the food, the art and the culture of Mexican Dining with you all.


See you soon...

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